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The establishment of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner in 1989 reflected the need to maintain high standards of ethical conduct in the public service without unduly inhibiting people of outstanding ability in the private sector from seeking public office.

Under the Members' Integrity Act, 1994, (formerly the Conflict of Interest Act, 1988), the Integrity Commissioner assists Members of Provincial Parliament in keeping the public interest in the forefront against which the individual’s right to privacy must be weighed.

Upon proclamation of the Lobbyists Registration Act on Jan. 15, 1999, the Integrity Commissioner was appointed the Lobbyist Registrar. This Act was part of the government’s commitment to manage its business operations in an open, accountable and accessible manner, providing a public record of who is lobbying who about what.

As of December, 2002, the Commissioner’s mandate was expanded to include the Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Leaders Expenses Review and Accountability Act, 2002, which authorizes the Integrity Commissioner to review expenses of Ministers, Parliamentary Assistants, their staffs and Opposition Leaders and their staffs with respect to travel and hospitality. The Commissioner can direct reimbursement or recommend other remedial action, and the names of those who fail to comply with the Commissioner’s direction may be published in the Annual Report.

On Aug. 20, 2007, the Integrity Commissioner was provided a further mandate with the proclamation of the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006. The additional responsibilities under this Act include receiving and reviewing the disclosure and investigation of wrongdoing by public servants and promotion of ethical conduct with Ministers’ Staff while employed by a ministry and during their post-employment period.

In November, 2009, the Office of the Integrity Commissioner received responsibility for reviewing expenses for certain board members and senior officers in 21 Ontario agencies, boards and commissions under the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009. Each agency has two expenses officers who are responsible for submitting the required expense claims to the Integrity Commissioner. These are reviewed to determine if they meet the provincial government's standards.

A Report covering all activities under the Integrity Commissioner’s jurisdiction is filed with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly each year.

We hope this site helps you understand the role of the Integrity Commissioner in promoting public confidence in the integrity of each Member of Provincial Parliament and the public service, and maintaining the respect in which society holds the Legislative Assembly, its members and the public service.

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Integrity Commissioner: Lynn Morrison lynn.morrison@oico.on.ca
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Inquiries Officer - Ministers' Staff:Kim Fryer-Elliskim.fryer-ellis@oico.on.ca
Inquiries Officer - Disclosure of Wrongdoing: Dollis PegusDollis.Pegus@oico.on.ca
Inquiries Officer - Lobbying: Claire Allenclaire.allen@oico.on.ca
Expense Review Coordinator: Edward Ganedward.gan@oico.on.ca
Expense Review Assistant: Rebecca Valerorebecca.valero@oico.on.ca
Expense Review Assistant: Tracey Berwicktracey.berwick@oico.on.ca
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